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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Industrial Roof Coatings Roof Protect Roof Membrane to protect your roof?
One of the most important characteristics of a roof coating is its ability to expand and contract without breaking down or de-laminating. Sub-strates move when heated and cooled a process which occurs every day. If a coating does not match the movement it will either split or crack or separate from the sub-strate. In both cases this failure will result in moisture entering the sub-strate below the coating and the ultimate failure of the coating. The two critical factors in a coatings ability to accommodate this movement are elongation (stretching) and strength. A membrane clearly out-performs paint as it has greater thickness per coat and more elasticity.
Do you use salesman to give quotes?

No salesmen are not used, we are a small family business and we do the work ourselves. So we are the salesman and the roofers.

What colours can I have?
There are a range of standard colours matching the colour bond range and Roof Protect has its own standard range also. We can match any colour that you bring to us.

Some small samples of our colours from the Roof Protect range are;

    • Classic Cream
    • Haze
    • Sandbark
    • Paperbark
    • Roman Headland
    • Homestead
    • Coastal Terracotta
    • Red Manor
    • Iron Ship
    • Deep Blue
    • Heavy Stone
    • Afghanistan
    • Light Euca
    • Moses Green
    • Cottage Green
    • Mid Brunswick Green
    • Surfmist
    • Light Shale
    • Denial
    • Bush Grey
    • Surfspray
    • Jade
    • Deep Grey
    • Slate Grey
    • Moment
    • Charcoal
    • Black
    • White
    Does your roofing work come with a warranty other than your own?
    As a certified Roof Protect applicator I can give a 10 year warranty from Industrial Roof Coatings, only certified Roof Protect applicators can provide this warranty.
    Can I have an obligation free quotation?
    Yes all quotation is obligation free and valid for one year from the date given. We are no pressure salesman; we give the quote, leave then give you a follow up call to see if there are any questions in a few days.
    Must I be at home when you come to inspect my roof?

    While it is not necessary that you’re at home, it is advised so that we can properly explain the process to you.

    Does my roof need coating or can you just do repair work?
    This is worked out on a case by case basis. Most roofs will need to be coated as over time tiles get small breaks which allow water to get in and penetrate the tile. This in turn causes bigger breaks to appear and tile disintegration.
    How does a roof restoration add value to my home?

    Not only does your home look better it stops leaks and future damage from leaks.

    Do you do heat reflective coatings?
    Yes we do a range of heat reflective coatings, these only come in a few colours;

          • Marino
          • Birch Grey
          • Mist Green’
          • River Gum
          • Caulfield green
          • Mid Brunswick green
          • Iron Bark
          • Mid grey
          • Dark Grey
          • Charcoal
          • Slate Grey
          • Blue Grass
          • Torres Blue
          • Mountain Blue
          • Sienna
          • Terracotta
          • Dark Terracotta
          • Indian Red
          • Heritage Red
          • Off White
          • Cool Roof White
          • Ebonite
    How do the heat reflective coatings work?

    Heat reflective coatings work by reflecting the suns infrared rays, which means less heat penetration, more comfortable living environments and reduced cooling costs.

    What parts of QLD/ NSW do you cover?

    We cover Sunshine coast down to Tweed and further for commercial work.

    Will paint work restore my weathered roof?
    Over the year’s ultra violet light, moisture, dirt and pollution can cause severe damage to the appearance of concrete tiles. This can result in discolouration, lichen, mould growth and an unsightly looking roof. Roof Protect Roof Membrane will restore your tired roof to its original appeal.
    Terms & Conditions
    1. Fussy Roof Restorations Pty Ltd (“Fussy Roofing” hereafter) will perform the work in this quotation in a proper and workmanlike manner and in accordance with the plans and specifications.
    2. All materials supplied by Fussy Roofing will be suitable for the purpose for which they will be used and unless otherwise stated in the quotation, those materials will be new.
    3. The work will be done with due diligence and within a reasonable time.
    – Delays can occur from time to time due elements and unexpected events.
    Rainy days may delay to commencement of work. Work cannot be carried out on rainy days due to OH&S regulations and specific work cannot be done on rainy days, For Example:
    • Re bedding and re pointing work
    • Colour Application
    A situation has arisen where we have become inadvertently delayed due to illness, injury: material supplies delays, council work.
    Emergency work required to be taken by Fussy Roofing for safety hazards and emergency repairs at another site will take precedence over other work scheduled.
    Fussy Roofing will do its upmost to ensure clients are kept informed and work schedule is kept on track.
    4. With regards to price: the time has been estimated and in actuality may go under or over the quoted time but at no alteration to the price of this fixed quotation.
    5. Fussy Roofing Contractors may not do additional work other than the approved quotation unless instructed by management and only then in accordance with an additional written and duly accepted quotation amendment or variation to the original quote.
    6. This is a fixed quotation and is not negotiable after commencement of any works.
    – All quotes and deposits are to be made within the terms outlined. If you choose to cancel or modify your quote we require minimum 2 weeks’ notice via email. There is no cancellation fee at this point, less than 2 weeks, you will be billed for all costs incurred until this point, including:
    • Ordering of materials
    • Hiring of and supplying of equipment
    • Labour Cost
    7. Our Guarantee:
    a) All New Work* is Guaranteed for 10 Years unless otherwise stated on the quotation. (The Guarantee is in force once the work has been completed).
    – Leaking in roofs is not covered in the 10 year guarantee unless within the first 6 months for New Work. Guarantee covers coatings only
    – Guarantee on coatings is limited to the product manufacture’s specifications (see warranty)
    b) Leaking & Repairs work; repair work is guaranteed for 12 months against re-leaking in the same area of repair unless otherwise stated in the quotation

    c) If our work should fail for any reason within that time, we guarantee to investigate and resolve the issue as quickly as possible – without charge.
    d) In the event that Fussy Roofing is called out to resolve a Guarantee issue that turns out to be due to a cause unrelated to our work, or damage has been caused by people other than Fussy Roofing Contractors, a call-out charge of $165 (inc. GST) will be due.
    e) Fussy Roofing reserves the right to return monies received for works done instead of resolving the issue, if the resolution works are deemed un-viable by a Fussy Roofing Estimator.
    8. Clients Obligation
    For landlord; agents etc to identify hazards to the supervisor. For example:
    • Hazardous chemical on site
    • Electrical and plumbing service problems
    • Asbestos
    • Other work scheduled at the same time
    To notify other parties that maybe affected by the work carried out on your property. For example:
    • Neighbours
    • Tenants etc
    To remove cars, motorbikes, etc from the access point to your property to allow access for the tradesmen to carry out work to your property.
    This will also safe guard your property from damages from falling tiles, pressure cleaning and spray machine.
    Fussy Roofing is not responsible for damages to property if property has not been removed or covered. If our staff are unable to carry out work due to being unable to access the work site due to lock out or cars blocking driveway etc you may be charged for labour due to delay.
    To notify Fussy Roofing of site changes that have changed since the time of quoting. For example:
    • Other work has been carried out on your roof. (solar panels etc)
    • Other parties have been on the roof that may have caused broken tiles etc.
    8. The quotation excludes any latent conditions or events and also excludes anything not stated in the quotation.
    9. Fussy Roofing reserves the right to withdraw from this contract prior to commencement of works. Any deposit monies received by Fussy Roofing from the client shall be refunded forthwith.
    10. Payment Terms: (Unless Otherwise agreed upon in writing by all parties), full payment is due and payable at the completion of works (i.e. C.O.D). For works valued over $3000 (incl GST), a 10% deposit is payable upon acceptance of the quotation and the balance payable upon completion, for works over $6000 a 25% payment is due upon acceptance and balance upon completion. For works $10,000 and over a 25% deposit will be due upon acceptance with a further 25% payable once the job has reached 50% completion and balance due upon completion.
    *New Work is defined as: Full Roof restoration with a minimum 3 coat paint system
    **Repairs are defined as: Any works carried out to resolve a specific problem with a roof or guttering system. Maintenance and replacing components of a roof (such as flashings or tiles) are classified as repairs.

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